July 10, 2018

We love Donkey Kong here at the arcade!

We celebrate Donkey Kong everyday here at the arcade as not only is it a classic 80s arcade game, but it is also the very game that started Royce’s Arcade Warehouse! Appropriately around the time of Donkey Kong’s anniversary four years ago is when we opened our doors to the public. Not only are our anniversary dates close, but the very Donkey Kong in the center of the arcade is the first ever arcade game we owned! It started its journey in Royce’s garage as an old game in need of repair. After getting it back into running order, Royce began building out his collection over the course of a year, and eventually opened the doors of Royce’s Arcade for the very first time in the first week of July 2014.

We could not be anymore proud of this classic game and have even had the entrance of the arcade themed out to represent the Donkey Kong and Mario Bros universe. Come out this weekend to show your love for Donkey Kong for its 37th birthday! It even still has the original working joystick still on to this day!

Our very own giant size Donkey Kong is often the first thing families and friends see when they walk through our doors. 

Here you can see where we have incorporated the gameplay of Donkey Kong, by placing ladders and Mario and Princess Peach at the top of the construction beam.

This classic game very rarely leaves our arcade as it is a permanent staple to the arcade and to our history!