July 15, 2018

NES turns 35 today!

Yes its true the classic NES is celebrating its 35 year release date. The NES still is one of the best at home console systems of all time. The NES really did set the bar for the standard of at home video game consoles! The success around the NES and the recent revival of it may not come as a surprise to you but here are 15 interesting NES facts you may not have known!


1. Pac Man was created over a slice of pizza! Pac-Man itself is said to be a whole pizza missing a slice, and the name “Pac Man” originated from the Japanese word/sound for eating, similar to the english word “Chomp”.

2. In Double Dragon 2 the NES version has a different gameplay ending compared to the arcade game.

3. Legend’s of Zelda’s character of the twilight Princess Zelda was inspired and influenced by Zelda Fitzgerald, the socialite wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

4. Ghosts and Goblins difficult gameplay actually requires you to complete the game twice in order to truthfully beat the game. The first completion ends as a dream that the player was experiencing.

5. 61 million units of the NES were sold beating out other at home consoles of the time.

6. The NES original design was for it to be a keyboard and floppy disc game console with 16 bit games. Thankfully it was changed to a 8 bit game cartridge system that plugged directly into your tv.

7. The NES Donkey Kong was the most visually accurate to the arcade game however, it had to be condensed in order to fit in the limited spacing capacity of the cartridge and in order to keep the authenticity of the original game.

8. There were add on tape data recorders and sewing machines that would record data and stitch Nintendo patterns.

9. Super Mario Bros cartridges sold over 40 million copies.

10. There was a strange glitch in the Japanese adaptation of  Super Mario Bros which allowed for an infinite number of minus worlds in the game.

11. The Play Choice 10 allowed for 10 demos of 10 different NES games to be played in one console.

12. The NES cartridges were shaped specifically like cassettes to detour the retailers from wanting to stay away from video-games.

13. The last licensed NES game was in 1994 just days after the Sony release of the playstation.

14. The 1994 release date means it lasted three generations of home consoles. Now the revival of the NES has 30 built in games in one!


15. People are still pirating games decades later, even making original games based off of newer movies.