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Our Story

Founded by Royce D'Orazio in 2013, Royce’s Arcade Warehouse has quickly grown to become the biggest retro arcade experience in Los Angeles.

What began as a small garage business is now a 5,000 sq. ft. arcade and repair center in Chatsworth, CA.

As a way to advertise and drive awareness, Royce began opening the arcade for Freeplay Saturdays in July of 2014. For the past two years over 30,000 friends and families have enjoyed a free and welcoming arcade atmosphere. This unorthodox business strategy has elevated Royce’s Arcade Warehouse to become one of Los Angeles’ most coveted family destinations.

With its popularity continually rising, Royce's Arcade Warehouse re-launched in the summer of 2016 with a fully themed, interactive party space. Saturday Freeplay, now requires a $3 per person entry; and the space continues to be rented out privately for events, corporate gatherings, and birthday parties.

Most recently Royce's Arcade Warehouse was recognized by the office of the Mayor of Los Angeles for being an outstanding community oriented business.

As Royce's Arcade Warehouse continues to grow, Royce and his team look forward to expanding their reach while providing even more retro fun to the residents of Southern California.