July 8, 2018

Donkey Kong and Popeye are the same!

Donkey Kong’s 37 anniversary is coming up so in honor of that here is a little Donkey Kong fact you may not have known!

By now you must know that Mario was first know as Jumpman, but did you know he was almost Popeye?

 Originally Nintendo set out to make a Popeye arcade game where Popeye saves Olive from Brutus’s capture. However, Nintendo was unable to acquire legal permission over these iconic characters and had to make adjustments in order to be seen as an original design and not waste all the time they had spent on the project. Video game designer on the project, Shigeru Miyamoto, decided to replicate these iconic characters with different artistic stylings of the characters and art in order to be able to deliver a much anticipated game they already spent time building.

Most identifiable is the character of Brutus of which has been turned into the now equally iconic character of Donkey Kong.

The character Olive Oil has now become a slightly smaller and blonder character which is the first rendition of Princess Peach.

Popeye was transformed into the character Jumpman, which is now famously adored by many as the character Mario from the Mario Bros saga.


The adaptation of these characters went on to launch one of Nintendo’s most successful game series, Mario Brothers featuring the beloved hero Mario and adored damsel in distress, Princess Peach.  Eventually Nintendo was able to make their own Popeye game a few years later and many will spot the similarities between Donkey Kong and Popeye’s game-plays as the concepts and designs are almost identical.