July 11, 2018

Top 10 Summer Activities

Hey everyone so here is a list I’ve complied of some of my old and new favorite places and activities to try this summer! Being LA can be so expensive at times I’m a big fan of getting the biggest bang out of your buck and trying to find affordable but still fun-filled activities. Hope you all enjoy my list of my top ten summer activities!


10. I definitely recommend if you’re going to be in LA for the summer to go spend a day at the beach! One of my favorite beaches at the moment is Zuma Beach. Although you do have to typically spend $15 for parking or hunt for the free parking spots, you do get access to a lovely, clean, and less crowed beach. One of my favorite things to do to offset the $15 parking fee is to make my own picnic lunch with plenty of fresh fruit, water, and my favorite chicken pesto sandwiches! My suggestion would be to go on a weekday if you want even less people to share the experience with!


9.  Though not actually a LA native, Mel’s Drive In, is definitely a summer must do. Mel’s Drive In still has that classic 50’s style and theme which makes it a really fun family fun night dinner spot. With good music, classic American food, and good service there’s nothing to not love about Mel’s! Enjoy the vintage atmosphere and experience and make sure to get yourself a milkshake as they are a definite must have when you are there!


8. Going to the Griffith Observatory is a must for anyone in LA. Not only do you get to see stellar views of Los Angeles, but also depending on when you go you can see lunar eclipses and different constellations. This is a great activity, and its always free admission! If you check out their website before hand you can see what will be visible in the sky before you arrive.


7. Another great free activity to do is always a good old fashioned hike. An easier hike with a interesting setting is the Old LA Zoo right by the new LA Zoo. The old zoo was open from 1912-1966 and initially had 15 animals, which as you can imagine is quite a difference then today’s current zoo total animals. You can find the remains of the old zoo just pass the carousel in the park. What makes this an unique experience is that you can hike up along where old cages and enclosures were, and can even see remaining signs indicating what animal was in them. This is a great hike for those who love historic LA, and who want cool Instagram worthy photos.


6. The One Up is the perfect gastro-lounge for all our retro lovers. Located in Sherman Oaks The One Up has the perfect retro gamers atmosphere for when your grabbing a bite to eat. Themed with vintage tv’s and retro nostalgia The One Up is a definite must do this summer! All the games are set to free-play, so no quarters needed when you’re enjoying some good food and something cold to drink at The One Up!


5. To anyone out in LA I always recommend going and seeing a show at the Hollywood Pantages. This theatre is one of the most beautiful and intimate theatres you can see a show at. Its architecture and design still resembles the original design from the original opening of the Pantages in 1930. This is a must see if you appreciate historic LA and theatre! Upcoming shows to look out for include Wicked in November, Kinky Boots and Cats in February!


4. The Getty is one of the best places you can go this summer with friends and family. It’s a great day activity where you get to see classic greek and roman art, modern architecture, modern art and photography, and even Egyptian and classical art! Not to mention the gorgeous gardens, stunning views, and touring exhibits. A great tip for those wanting to go to the Getty is to carpool with your friends and family as the Getty itself is free, but parking is $15 per car!


3.   The 626 Night Market is the perfect activity for all our foodies out there. Located out in Santa Anita, Arcadia the 626  Night Market consists of all different types of food vendors, novelty drink vendors, artists, music, and so much more. For a simple $5 admission fee the night market provides hours of good food and entertainment to all. One of the best parts about the night market has to be all the artisan vendor stands. There are tons of beautiful and abstract paintings, hand crafted jewelry, clothing, crafts, and so much more to explore there. This is a must do this Summer, and my recommendation for those who want to avoid the crowds is to go earlier in the evening when they open, around four or five pm!


2. The Huntington Library is one of the best places you can go this summer if you love art, nature, and organic beauty. The Huntington Library features a massive display of classic art, French art, American art, and beautiful botanical gardens. For just $25 per person(there is discounted pricing for students, seniors, and children) you get access to all the museum exhibits, plus all the gardens, including their amazing Japanese garden, and the most beautiful rose garden! There is also a very charming tea room here as well that is worth trying!


1.  Come to Royce’s Arcade! Our arcade is the one of the most affordable and fun activities you could do this summer! We’re open every weekend on Fridays from 6pm-11pm, Saturdays from 10am-3pm, and Sundays from 10am-3pm. It’s $5 per person and you get to play over 100 classic arcade games! We’re not just called the Biggest Retro Arcade Experience for no reason!  Bring the whole family and come spend the day with us!