July 1, 2018

All black ice cream for Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day?!

Since it is Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day we thought we would mention the perfect spot in downtown LA to try! Tried and tested by Royce’s Arcade very own Megan Kelly, Little Damage‘s soft served black ice cream really hits the spot. Though they only have a few flavors at a time, they are definitely creative and daring flavors and color combinations.

Little Damage’s iconic all black ice cream seems to be what put them on the map, but they’re Unicorn Tears flavor is equally compelling for its perfectly iridescent blue coloring and its birthday cake flavoring.

LA natives love this soft served ice cream not only for its perfect Instagram ready presentation, but also for its smooth and subdued flavor pallets they have. Their popular Nutella Charcoal mix, was said to be not too sweet and was just the perfect flavor, unlike most name-brand ice cream makers.

All in all definitely give this one a try if you’re ever in downtown Los Angeles!


Their new flavor for the all black ice cream is Boba Milk Tea/Charcoal combination!

Unicorn Tears is the perfect summer ice cream! It really does taste like birthday cake and is so fun to look at!

When Megan tried Little Damage’s famous all black ice cream the flavor combination was Coffee and Charcoal! She is much more excited for the Boba Milk Tea flavor!